Michael Walter

Michael Sinclair Walter

Michael has been in entertainment since 1979 and has worked on film and television projects all over the world. He is a world renowned stunt coordinator and stuntman as well as an actor. June 15, 2015 will mark his 35th year in the entertainment industry.He has produced, directed and acted in many projects and has over 100 screen credits.

He is a member of both the Screen Actor’s Guild (1983) and the Director’s Guild of America (1994). He was inducted into the Hollywood Stuntman’s Hall of Fame in 1993. Michael has been featured in many television shows, news interviews and newspaper articles. He has served as a stunt consultant for Universal Studios Florida as well as on the Screen Actors Guild Stunt and Safety Committee.

Michael is a high ranking martial artist of 49 years. He is also a second generation Jeet Kune Do Instructor, and trained under Danny Inosanto, a close friend and training partner of the late Bruce Lee.

Michael joined CirrusFilm™ in September, 2014 and will be working as a producer and director.