Mission Statement

CirrusFilm™ LLC is an Albuquerque-based film production company. Our primary mission is to write, produce and direct original content of various genres of feature-length motion pictures. We also joint venture with other film companies in the production of their projects.

CirrusFilm™ LLC also creates and produces high ­quality TV and Internet commercials. We develop and produce PSAs, corporate training films, documentaries,and music videos. We provide script coverage to assist you with improving the pedigree of your screenplays and commercial spots. We also have a motion graphics department to create and develop useful CGI and stunning visual content for your projects.

We offer film financing consultation, and can advise you on VOD options, iTunes releases, and product placement for your films. With two attorneys on staff, we counsel on entertainment law matters. We sponsor film and training events in New Mexico to benefit both actors and crew members. Give us a call, we’ll help you find and create the best solution for your entertainment project!