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Audience Choice Award for Best Feature Film: Cathedral Canyon Film

Cathedral Canyon:
Directed by Paul Davis – Produced by Lorenzo Lamas & Co-Produced by JD Herrera. The Palm Beach International Film Festival attendees and judges voted Cathedral Canyon as the best feature film. It was directed by Paul Davis, Co-Produced by JD Herrera. It received the Audience Choice Award for Best Feature Film. (see credits for other film professionals).

Narrative Synopsis: A story set in the sprawling modern Phoenix and the fringe, rural polygamist communities of Northern Arizona. This film presents the hidden connection between two very different cultures, secular and religious that permits the shocking acts committed by controlling cults to continue, going unchecked by authorities and supported by local government politicians.

Conclusion: Sometimes having a really viable project is the first part. Also, being in the right place at the right time can be just as important. Second, it’s about building contacts and establishing a reputation through your script project portfolio. However, it revolves around a combination of all of these factors, a written script to the film production. Summary: This group of filmmakers will be doing incredible things in the future.
Jerome Indie Film & Music FestivalCathedral Canyon the Best Arizona Feature.

The Commercial for 102 FM JD & his 1965 Corvette

Doritos Commercial – Super-bowl

Written, produced and directed by JD Herrera, co-produced by Charlie Gravina and Jesse Lockwood.

Planning Session

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