Marshall Nelson

Marshall Nelson is a music man. He is a gifted guitarist, song writer, and a vocalist capable of evoking
the legendary styles of the rock and roll greats. First and foremost, Marshall is a showman that can draw and hold a crowd.
As a performer and with his band, Della Street toured regularly throughout the southern United States opening shows for many  “Rock & Roll” bands  including:
Alvin Lee
The Beach Boys
Blue Oyster Cult
Cheap Trick
REO Speedwagon
Mariah Carey
Jefferson Starship
John Butcher
Marshall Tucker
Molly Hatchet
Pat Travers

Marshall has enjoyed success both as lead singer and front-man for prominent bands,
including Scratch and Della Street, both bands have amassed a large fan base and concert crowd followings. As a composer, Marshall Nelson has arranged and recorded hundreds of songs. Today, he continues to enjoy success as a solo performer/songwriter
and currently with a recent CD recording    – See: CD Baby.  
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